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genericracingHorse racing is a truly thrilling sport, the “Sport of Kings.” Fans come for the excitement, the glamour, the beauty…and of course the horses. The horses are the centerpiece of the sport, powerful athletes with glossy coats, pricked ears, flaring nostrils, keen, intelligent eyes. Every day, thousands of Thoroughbreds answer the bugler’s call. They go and run with all they have and more. But there can only be one winner in any given race.


Many go on to run other races on other days. Some end up winning. Some end up on breeding farms.

What about the others? The Paddock Foundation’s goal is to answer that question.

The Paddock Foundation and the Texas Thoroughbred Association are in the process of developing a stallion database to assist people who are interested in a second career Thoroughbred.

To learn more about what former racehorses can do, check out the new Roses to Ribbons – Paddock Foundation blog.

MISSION: The Paddock Foundation is a nonprofit corporation with a mission to support and advance the care of Thoroughbred racehorses after their racing careers by supporting rescue, retirement, rehabilitation, retraining and rehoming.

GOAL: The initial goal is to raise awareness and encourage the use of former Thoroughbred racehorses in other disciplines.

OUR PARTICIPATION:  (1) Provide social media support to various organizations to promote and publicize the use of former Thoroughbred racehorses in other disciplines, (2) provide monetary support to other 501C3 organizations with similar missions.


  • Educate, encourage and facilitate the placement of retired or unsuccessful racehorses.
  • Support organizations that retrain Thoroughbred horses for second careers.
  • Support organizations that provide for the retirement and care of the retired Thoroughbred racehorse.
  • Support therapeutic riding programs and equine educational programs.